Hrithik Roshan Keep Going Ad Wins Award

 May 19, 2017    By admin  592 views

Hrithik Roshan Keep Going Ad Wins Award

Hrithik Roshan's HRX add which was shown on Youtube was loved worldwide. In Hrithik's HRX ad '' Keep Going '' a fit and pumped up Hrithik is shown motivating a weaker and tired Hrithik to get up and to work harder and cross all limits.

The add was not only watched my many viewers but also the concept was liked and the work of team and Hrithik was appreciated. The add become of the best 10 ads on youtube. The add won the award for '' Brands with outstanding eRetail performance: Sports brand'' at Indian Retail and eRetail Awards which was held at Hotel J W Marriott, New Delhi. Hrithik was present with his team.



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