Swati Bhaskar Reveals Dark Secrets Of Bollywood

 Nov 10, 2017    By admin  447 views


Sexual Harassment in film Industry has now seen in every Industry, From Hollywood to Bollywood and even more in local film industries. Almost all actress has o face such problems in this fled. Some open up the issue and others prefer to avoid it and move on. Recently Swati Bhaskar bold and outspoken girl in Bollywood spoken up about this issue.


When asked about Sexual Harassment in Bollywood, She told, From starting of her career she has faced this problem. She had to drop many movies offers as she refused sexual favors. She had also faced some awkward situations while shooting in a remote area when she was groped by the mob. She shared her worst experience and added when she was called by Producer for discussing a film project in his hotel room, she went and seen him drunk, after which he asked to hug, refused to do so she left the hotel and again the Producer tried many tricks in which he failed. but she added She completed the movie with an escort in tow. Many of us don't know the dark secrets of Film industries. But many Directors, Producers & Actors are still spoiling the name of Film Industry.

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