Watch Movie: King Lier - Malayalam Movie

Cast: Dileep. Madonna Sebastian, Lal, Asha Sarath, Joy Mathew, Natasha Suri, Shivaji Guruvayoor
Summary: Sathyanarayan is a compulsive liar, he lies to his love interest Anjali that he is the managing director of a big firm, while instead he makes duplicate certificates with his roommate and friend Antappan. Into their lives comes Anand Varma, a Dubai- based rich fashion tycoon, who is on the verge of divorce with his wife Devika Varma. Meanwhile, Sathyanarayan realizes that Anjali is his childhood friend. Anand does not want to lose Devika, so he hires Sathyanarayan to persuade Devika to step back from the divorce. Sathyan and Antappan ffliesto Dubai to join the company which is now owned by Devika.