Ilami - Movie Review

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Ilami - Movie Review

Directed by : J. Julian Prakash

Written by : J. Julian Prakash

Starring : Yuvan, Anu Krishna, Akhil, Ravi Mariya

Music by : Srikanth Deva

Cinematography : Yuga

Edited by : N.Sudha

Release dates : 25 November 2016

Ilami is Tamil Periodic Drama movie. The movie is set in 18th Century near Madurai. There are Two village Kiliyur and Mangulam,they are friendly on surface but have an undercurrent of resentment over an idol of lord Karuppu. 200 years back the idol was taken by Kiliyur residents. Now all poojas and festivals are conducted under the captainship of Veeraiyan only. Mangulam residents deem it as a matter of prestige to bring back the idol to their village.

Ilami (Anu Krishna) is the only daughter Kiliyur’s chieftain Veerayyan (Ravi Mariya). Karuppu (Yuvan)is a Mangulam resident who involves in hunting with his friends for his livelihood. Ilami and Karuppu falls in Love with eachother.

Sadaipuli (Akhil) a brawny and cunning youngster from Mangulam who with a hidden agenda triggers off a spat between the villages over the deity. Instigates a quarrel between the two villages over the deity. Killiyur Chieftain Veerayyan agrees to give back the idol if anyone from Mangulam tames his bull (which was never tamed by anyone till then) in Vadam Jallikattu (the toughest form of ancient bull taming sport) and also promises that who tames the Bull his Daughter Ilami will marry him. Can Karuppu can win his Love ? Can he tame the Bull ? Who will have the Lord's idol ?


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