Achamindri - Movie Review

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Achamindri - Movie Review

Directed by : Rajapandi

Produced by : Vinoth Kumar

Starring : Vijay Vasanth, Srushti Dange, Samuthirakani, Saranya Ponvannan, Radha Ravi

Music by : Premgi Amaren

Cinematography : A. Venkatesh

Edited by : Praveen K. L.

Release dates : 30 December 2016

Achamindri is all new Tamil Thriller movie. The movie stars with a murder of a Education Department Official ( Thalavisal Vijay ) by personal secretary of education minister for exposing a corrupt educational institution. The film has four main Characters, Small time pickpocket Shakti ( Vijay Vasanth), his love life Malar ( Shrushti Dange ), an honest cop Sathya ( Samudhrakani) and his Ex- Girlfriend Shruti ( Vidhya ).
Shakti ( Vijay Vasanth ) is a small time pickpocket and a kind heart person. He and his gang tries innovative ways to steal. When falls in Love at first sight with Malar, a middle class girl who works for education of poor children. Sakthi gets into trouble when he and his gang pickpockets a purse of a local Don.
An honest cop Sathya gets transfered in the town where he mets his ex-Lover Shruti, who is still un-married. He finally tells her about his feelings and they decides to get married. Shruti gets killed, Malar is threatened by Education minister Secretary for filing re-evaluation for her maid's daughter. Meanwhile Sathya also gets attacked by his friend Saravanan ( Bharath Reddy ).
Circumstances leads Sakthi and Sathya to join hands to find the culprit. Can they find the Culprit ? Can Sathya take revenge of his Lover murder ?

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