Maaveeran Kittu - Movie Review

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Maaveeran Kittu - Movie Review

Directed by : Suseenthiran

Produced by : Icewear Chandrasamy, D.N. Thai Saravanan, Rajeevan

Written by : Yugabharathi (Dialogue)

Screenplay by : Suseenthiran

Story by : Suseenthiran

Starring : Vishnu, Sri Divya, R. Parthiepan

Music by : D. Imman

Cinematography : Soorya A. R.

Edited by : Kasi Viswanathan

Release Date : December 2, 2016

Maaveeran Kittu is Tamil Period Dram movie. The movie shows about how caste system paves way to hatred and crime in society. The movie movie also showcases the life of Krishnakumar aka Kittu ( Vishnu ), Kittu belongs to a Dalit society and is very bright in studies. Chinnarasu ( Partiban ) a press owner and a Dalit leader sponsors Kittu education after seeing his interest in studies and ambition of becoming collector.
Kittu and Chinnarasu tries to fight against the  rampant caste discrimination meted out to them by the upper caste people. One day when Kittu sees her classmate Gomathi ( Sri Divya ) a upper class girl discriminate against a Dalit girl. He raises voice against it. Gomathi falls in Love with Kittu, Kittu stars maintaining distance with Gomathi but he is in Love with Gomathi too. The love news between Gomathi and Kittu spreads in the village, Villager's kill Gomathi's fathers and frames Kittu's name. Kittu gets imprisoned but he gets released beacause of lack of evidence. Can Kittu and Gomathi meet ? Can Kittu reveal why Villager's killed Gomathi's father ? Can Kittu bring end of Caste discrimination ?

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