Bongu - Movie Review

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Directed by: Taj

Produced by: Raghukumar, Rajarathnam, Sritharan

Written by: Taj

Starring: Natarajan Subramaniam, Ruhi Singh

Music by: Srikanth Deva

Cinematography: Mahesh Muthuswami

Edited by: Gopi Krishna

Release date: 2 June 2017

Bongu is Tamil con movie. The movie starts with three salespersons Deva ( Natty ), Janani ( Ruhi Singh ) and Bhaskar ( Arjunan ). The trio is salesperson of Supercars. One day while selling one of the most expensive car a Rolls Royce Ghost they get duped and the car gets stolen by a fraud party. The trio gets arrested for the crime they not committed. The trio gets blacklisted from the industry.
After coming back they join Babu ( Rajan ) who steal cars.


Using their previous knowledge in sports cars they get success in Babu's business. Then Babu gang gets a big contract of stealing all cars of Madurai-based don named Pandian (Sharath Lohitashwa). Deva joins Pandian gang and starts their plan. Why the trio joins car-stealing gang? What's their plan?


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