Yaanum Theeyavan - Movie Review

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Directed by: Prashanth G Sekar

Produced by: Sophia Jerome, Pepitta Jerome

Written by: Prashanth G Sekar

Starring: Ashwin Jerome, Varsha Bollamma, Raju Sundaram, Ponvannan, VTV Ganesh, Santhana Bharathi, Arunraja Kamaraj

Music by: Achu Rajamani

Cinematography: Shreyaas Krishna

Edited by: Prasanna GK

Release date: 30 June 2017

Yaanum Theeyavan is Tamil Action Crime Thriller movie. Based on the number of true events. Michael aka Mike ( Ashwin Jerome ) and Sowmya ( Varsha Bollamma ) are lovers. Mike is a Martial Arts trainer and a singer. Their love life goes smoothly until Sowmya father fixes her marriage with a relative in Netherlands and arranges her higher studies there itself. After getting her relation disapproved with Michael the couple runs away and have a registered marriage with the help of friends.


Suddenly goons of Pasupathy (Raju Sundaram) who is a killer tries to misbehave and kidnap Sowmya as she is the only witness to the murder committed by Pasupathy. The goons get beaten by Mike and the couple runs away. Without wasting time angry Pasupathy tries all ways to find the couple. Men of pasupathy find them as his hostage and start torturing them. Can Mike and Soumya escape from the hostage? What happens next? Watch Yaanum Theeyavan see. .

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