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Directed by: M. Muthaiya

Produced by: M. Sasikumar

Written by: M. Muthaiya

Starring: M. Sasikumar, Vidharth, Mahima Nambiar, Sanusha, Pasupathy, Bala Saravanan, Poorna

Music by: N. R. Raghunanthan

Cinematography: S. R. Kathir

Edited by: Venkat Rajan

Release date: December 7th, 2017

Kodiveeran is Tamil Family Action Drama movie which shows the bonding of brother and sisters, The movie opens with Kodiveeran ( Sasi Kumar ) whose mother gives birth to a baby girl Parvathy ( Sanusha ). But his mother dies because of shock after knowing her husband's extramarital affair. Kodi starts treating her sister like parents and shares a close bonding. The siblings can go to any extent for each other's happiness. Then a college-going girl Malar ( Mahima Nambiar ) comes in the life of Kodi. Kodi and Malar share the same life story as Malar also has a brother to whom she has a close bonding. The duo falls in love and decides that they marry to each other's siblings.


Kodi has also loved and cared for his village, Kodi always stands with the villagers if anything wrong happens to them. But as twist happens Kodi's sister marriage is going to be a violence in the village. Will Kodi choose his Sister or Villagers? How Parvathi's marriage will cause a violence in the village?

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