Budhia Singh - Born To Run - Movie Review

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Budhia Singh - Born to Run  -  Movie Review

Directed by : Soumendra Padhi

Produced by : Viacom18 Motion Pictures, Code Red Films

Written by : Soumendra Padhi

Screenplay by : Soumendra Padhi

Starring : Manoj Bajpayee, Mayur Patole

Cinematography : Manoj Kumar Khatoi

Release Date : 5 August, 2016

The movie is based on the story of Miracle Boy or Marathon boy Budhia Singh, who at the age of 5 years, ran 48 marathons. The films starts where Budhia Singh ( Mayur Patole ) is sold by his Mother because of Poverty to a local merchant for Rs 650. When Birachi das ( Manoj Bajyapee ) knows that Budhai is being sold he Saves him and bring him to his orphanage. Biranchi Das runs a Orphanage and a Judo trainer. One Day Biranchi gives Budhai Singh punishment to Run and he forgets to tell him to stop. When he returns back he sees Budhai is still running. Then he dicovers his hidden talent and starts giving him training. Budhia becomes star of Bhubneshwar after the his talent reaches media.

As popularity and Budhai's starts reaching to top Child Welfare Board's committee members try to bring down Biranchi Das as well as Budhia Singh. They starts alleging that Birachi is using Budhai for his benefits. What happens Next ? How Birachi comes out of this issue ? Is it end of Budhai's career ?

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