Gurgaon - Movie Review

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Directed by Shanker Raman
Produced by
Alan McAlex[1]

Ajay G. Rai[2]

Written by
  • Vipin Bhati
  • Shanker Raman
  • Sourabh Ratnu
Music by Songs:
Naren Chandavarkar
Background score:
Benedict Taylor
Cinematography Vivek Shah
Edited by Shan Mohammed
Release date
  • 4 August 2017
Gurgaon is Neo Noir Thriller movie. The movie is based on story of a rich son Nikki Singh ( Akshay Oberoi), Nikki fails in everything from his studies, to business and even in school. But he is a successful Boxer and wants to start his own gym. Nikki's father is a real estate tycoon Kehri Singh ( Pankaj Tripathi ). One side Kehri Singh has a Wayward son other side he has a intelligient adopted daughter Preeto ( Ragini Khanna ). Kehri Singh decides to retire from business and wants to handover his business to his adopted daughter Preeto, This decision strikes Nikki and to prove himself and earn money in less time Nikki bets in Cricket and suffers a huge loss.
Nikki gets threat calls to pay the debt. In order to arrange money Nikki kidnaps his sister Preeto and asks Kehri for money. Planned things again goes wrong and Nikki gets in worst situation. What happens next? Watch Gurgaon to see the climax.
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