Karingunnam Sixes - Movie Review

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Karingunnam Sixes - Movie Review

Directed by : Deepu Karunakaran

Produced by : Anil Biswas, Jayalal Menon

Screenplay by : Arunlal Ramachandran

Starring : Manju Warrier, Anoop Menon, Murali Gopy, Sunny Wayne, Babu Antony, Suraj Venjaramoodu,

Shyamaprasad, Major Ravi

Music by : Rahul Raj

Production company : Backwater Studios

Cinematography : Jayakrishna Gummadi

Karingunnam Sixes is story of a Couple Vandana ( Manju Warrier ) and Aby ( Anoop Menon ) who are also outstanding Volleyball players. Then Aby becomes Volleyball Coach and starts a Volleyball team Karingunnam Sixes. But an Accidents Changes his life forever after that he Couldn't play anymore.  His Players starts leaving the team, and Aby feels totally Broken and thinks that his dream will not come true. After seeing Aby's condition Vandana decides to fulfill his dream and her Friend and Jail IG Hemalatha IPS ( Lena ) suggests Vandana that many nice talented players are there in Jail. To which Vandana decides to go Jail and Meet them. In jail Vandana finds some talented players Douglas, Lalu Sashankan, Vasudevan, and Kevin and gives them proper training and this new Karingunnam Sixes team participates in Premiere League.

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