Ayal Jeevichirippundu - Movie Review

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Ayal Jeevichirippundu - Movie Review

Direction : Vyasan K P

Production : Eldhose John Keeleth

Music : Ouseppachan

Starring : Vijay Babu , Namrata Gaikwad, Manikandan R Achari,

Release Date : March 10, 2017

Ayal Jeevichirippundu is upcoming Malayalam Drama movie. The movie revolves around the story of writer John Mathew Mathen ( Vijay Babu ) who won booker prize for his first book which was based on his experiences. For writing his second novel pressure increases on him and for getting idea he moves on a trip to Goa to get some creative ideas.

During his journey to Goa, he meets Murugan ( Manikandan Achari ) who is a fisherman, whose dream is to visit Goa. Both have socioeconomic differences. During his joureny to Goa with Murugan he gets a new idea for his novel. The movie shows a exciting road trip to Goa ful of thrill and adventures.

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