Prakash Raj Gets Into Legal Trouble

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Earlier this month a news of the murder of an editor Lankesh, of a leading tabloid Gauri Lankesh Patrika gone viral. Lankesh was a 55 years old editor of Karnataka, he was murdered by an unknown person outside his home on the morning of September 5. The news created shock waves in the country. Many people in social media shared their feelings and comments.


Prakash Raj a well-known actor who was recently awarded National Awards came into limelight with his comment for the murder case, Prakash Raj was a close friend of Lankesh, During 11th state meet of the Left-leaning Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) he shown his anger and commented as, Being follower of many big leaders who shown their feelings for Lankesh Murder case, PM Narendra Modi is silent. He also added, '' The PM is a bigger actor than me, I should give him my award '', He continues addressing Modi by saying '' Modi’s silence on '' his followers’ actions '' proves '' he is trying to be a bigger actor than me.''


Because of his statement in the meet, Raj came into legal troubles and a lawyer has filed a case against him for his bad remarks on the Prime Minister of country. The hearing is on 7th October. Prakash Raj this action tells that he using his harsh words against Modi wants to gain a major popularity in Politics.

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